A downloadable game collection for Windows

4x games developed in Klik 'n' Play bundled with the open-source freeware winevdm emulator for 64-bit Windows.

Instructions: Download the .zip file and unzip it. Double click the 'otvdm' application and then choose a .exe file from one of the four relevant game folders. Have fun!


The OCD Simulator

Experience the most fashionable mental condition since 'Monk'! Run the gauntlet of fear! Mould! Germs! Water! It's an authentic autobiographic, self-deprecating but genuinely sincere game about having OCD. Finish completing the rituals in time in basic adventure game puzzles in this gripping real life simulator. After all, aren't we all "a little OCD"™


Sadness: The Game

You have to rescue the head of Noah from the inner back chamber of a giant hunchback. A pretty anxious game created over a few hours. Probably only notable for the sound design. Play with headphones in a darkened room, if you please. Much love.


The Wall (a game in therapy)

Breakout as a metaphor for therapy.

Play through over *5* different therapy sessions with unique clients and their medically fascinating problems. Uncover their traumas from breaking down the "wall" of repression, but make sure to listen to what they have to say, unless you dig a little too deep...

Based on a parodic therapy site I made in high school which was hacked and taken over by a minor religious fundamentalist and the times I feel fed up with therapy. The satirical aim is diffuse and muddled.


Gout Pony's 'A Family Gouting': The Game

Gout's about! There's no need to grout! Don't pout! Get some gout!

Gout Pony's 'A Family Gouting: The Game'™ is the ultimate experience in gout! Play avant-garde author Robert Coover as he fails to care about obstacles! Pass through the gnashing jaws of Jeremy Kyle! Eat asparagus and organ meats to give yourself the condition that everybody's talking about!

No offense is intended towards those who really suffer from gout.

Genres abound in this absurdist, experimental, but deeply playable game.

Each short level is based upon one of the songs from Gout Pony's first EP 'A Family Gouting'™. Far more than an in-joke, yet so much less than a real game, this may be the first genuine "art game"™ to be developed to be played alongside an EP and both game and EP can be enjoyed together TODAY for -- no money -- ! The levels follow the track listing (with track 8 as a *bonus level*) however the entire long-form EP/ short-form LP has been converted to scintillating MIDI form for his/ her pleasure.

Listen to the album here: http://goutpony.bandcamp.com/album/a-family-gouting

And live the game!


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